1. What is your livelihood/occupation/profession and what do you basically do?

My livelihood is doing business: toll packing, manufacturing, and distribution. I basically do thinking and imagining ideas then executing these ideas to keep the business going.

2. What are the basic knowledge and skill requirements for your livelihood/occupation/profession?

In business, marketing skill is the most important factor for business success. Without marketing is like cooking without spices. It’s served well, but never satisfying. Marketing adds flavor to the business and keeps customers from coming back. Good marketing means good results.

3. What are the best and not so good aspects (if there are any) in your livelihood/occupation/profession?

We are living in this world of cause and effect. Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, and poverty is a result. At the start, there was nothing good yet since it was still the beginning of my journey. Now, it’s my sole duty to make it the best for me. Rich people focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles. So I see what’s up ahead before I look back to see how I’m doing so far.

4. How did you decide to become what you are right now in terms of career decision-making?

I just followed my passion and exploited my skills in marketing just to get out of poverty. One must decide without regrets and destroy the bridges just to reach into a point of no turning back.

5. What advice could you give to high school students who are still trying to decide what type of livelihood/occupation/profession that they would like to have?

The starting point of all achievements is the desire. Success is not just all about financial accumulation. Just follow your dreams and passion. If you want financial gain, be an entrepreneur. If you want fame, be a celebrity. If you want power, be a politician, and etc.

My practical advice for high school students is that they must focus on Entrepreneurship, the only way to get out of poverty. This is today’s bandwagon.

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