He mentioned that this phenomenon will forever change

ASIAN Integration

…that the ASEAN Integration is fast approaching. He mentioned that this phenomenon willforever change the landscape of the accountancy profession as it gives rise to themaking of a whole curriculum. He challenged all the Accountancy, ManagementAccounting and Accounting Technology students to get more certifications and to becompetent and ethical leaders and professionals. After dean Matero an inspirationalspeech was given by Atty. Jose Ma. Gochangco, CPA He mentioned that failure in anyaspect happens to all of us and that we should embrace it for it is a normal part of ourlives and that those in failing we enable an opportunity and in failing we can succeed.After Atty. Goachangco is our first session speaker. And he is none other than “The IronMan of Cebu” and the founder and president of RNC Marketing, Rey Calooy. Such amoniker may be rightfully attributed to the man who managed to get out of the shacklesof poverty.“For an entrepreneur to succeed, one must have perseverance, diligence,intelligence, and the ability to rise up to the challenge at any given time,” Calooysays.Calooy firmly believes that a positive attitude and financial discipline are two of themost important aspects of the equation. “It takes 99 percent of failure to attain onepercent of success,” he adds.Calooy didn’t have much financial muscle when he startedhis manufacturing business.“With a meager amount, a lot of effort, time, and a littleimagination, I managed to make the business grow,” he enthuses. Calooy now overseesa trading firm and a company that manufactures instant hot chocolate drink, ginger tea,and noodles. He also manages a repacking business.

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