RNC Marketing Phils. Christmas Party 2016


The RNC Marketing Philippines and Rhea Noemi Food Products celebrated their Christmas party in Fort San Pedro, Cebu City. It was a glamorous night in which the attendees were dressed elegantly. The party started with the opening remarks made by Ms. Rhea Noemi Calooy who is the daughter of the CEO of RNC Marketing Philippines


After of the opening remarks, Ms. Rhea conducted a game called Tongue twister. And the employees have their own respective teams and they will have their own respective representatives. After a couple of minutes of tongue twisting, Michelle Mino from blue team and Ramel Cornejo from red team are the winners of the game. After that game, Ms. Rhea conducted another game which is “Bring Me”. Anyone of the team can join the game, no more representatives. The first one who can bring the needed item will win the game. And the first item was a “Belt” and the first one to bring was Mr. Jesus Paler. The next item was a wallet and the first one to bring the item was Ms. Anariz Bacus. The last item was being ask was a hairnet and the first one to bring the item was Mr. Luisito Acido.


The most awaited part of the party was announcing the head turners of the night. Mr. Ramel Cornejo was the male head turner and Jocelyn Sabalande was the female head turner of the night.

The party was an opportunity to mingle with other co-workers and get to know people they don’t see every day. Unfortunately, the party almost ruined but because of marvelous efforts of the organizers and staff, the party continued and ended up a success. As the party ended, Mr. Rey E. Calooy gave his closing remarks and words of wisdom to his employees and guests.

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