Rey Calooy: Cebu’s ‘iron’ entrepreneur

MANILA, Philippines – Rey Calooy, founder and president of RNC Marketing, is popularly known in the south as the “Iron Man of Cebu.” Such a moniker may be rightfully attributed to the man who managed to get out of the shackles of poverty. “For an entrepreneur to succeed, one must have perseverance, diligence, intelligence, and[…]

Kapinoy coffee and coco sugar

How Pinoy started multi-million peso business with ‘saliva’ capital

MANILA, Philippines – With nothing but what he called a “saliva capital,” Rey Calooy, manager of RNC Marketing Philippines, made his millions from selling rags, to small packets of sugar, coffee and milk, to roasted organic chickens. “Wala akong kapital. Nagsimula ako sa saliva capital lang tapos pawis na puhunan,” Calooy shared on ABS-CBN’s “My[…]